Student Employment FAQs


What form do I complete to hire a student employee?
For non work-study students, you must complete a position justification form and the Banner HR EPAF. Be sure ALL information has been provided including the I-9 date. To hire a federal work-study student, you must complete the Federal Work-Study Student Action Form located at:

What is the last day a student employee can work?
Students cannot work past the last day of exams. Federal work-study students cannot work over the summer. Departmental student employees can work for as long as the submitted EPAF indicates. To extend the payroll period, a new EPAF must be submitted. Graduate assistants’ last day is determined by The Graduate School.

How many hours can students work?
Federal Work Study students cannot work more than 20 hours/week. Departmental student employees cannot work more than 28 hours/week.

Is a recently graduated student eligible to work as a student employee during the summer?
No. Upon graduation, he/she is no longer a student. Arrangements for jobs are made through Human Resources.

My department has a work-study allocation, so how do I attract students to apply?
Start with a well worded job description. Students like a clear idea of what will be expected of them before they apply for a job. Be available during SOAR. Students are encouraged to make appointments with potential supervisors while they are on campus for the summer SOAR.

How can I verify if a student has a work-study award?
Request verification from the student, unless you are submitting a reassignment Action Form. If a student has been awarded, they will be able to verify their award via UNCGenie. If a student is uncertain, they can verify their award/eligibility status with the Financial Aid Office. For returning students, you will be notified by Financial Aid if there is any issue with your student's continued employment under FWS.

When are students’ timesheets due?
Timesheets are due the 10th of the month. Payroll dates are earlier in November and December. It is the responsibility of the student to work with their manager to ensure the time-sheet is signed and submitted by the deadline each month. Refer to Payroll’s Web page for the exact deadline:

Will I lose my FWS award if I don’t get hired?
No, you will not lose your award if you do not get hired; however, there are limited FWS positions available.

What do I do if I have a problem with a student worker?
If you feel you have exhausted all means of rectifying the problem, the Student Employment Office will be happy to assist with counseling the student as needed or serve as a mediator between the student and the supervisor. If the student feels they would prefer an advocate, they will be referred to the Dean of Students.