Career Roadmap - Build Your Network


Milestone 4 Connect:Build Your Network

Your Career Roadmap doesn’t end with you. Learn how to map out key connections by interests, majors, shared causes, and industries as well as strategies to remain in touch now and as you grow your network beyond graduation.

Did you know only 15% of available jobs are on job boards? The rest are found by networking – from family members and friends to professors, classmates, and work colleagues.

You’ve developed your brand toolkit and now it’s time to share it with your network and beyond. Joining a professional association is a great way to kick-start your professional network. Another effective way is by requesting an informational interview with a manager in the field you would like to work. Most professionals enjoy speaking about their own experience, giving you more insight into your potential career while building your list of contacts.

Networking online remains one of the most effective ways to make contacts. With more than 500 million users, LinkedIn is the leading social platform to connect with professionals in your area and in your industry. If you haven’t created your LinkedIn profile, now is the time. Create your unique URL and post a professional photo, preferably from the shoulders up. Draft a headline that includes your area of study or expertise and create a summary that includes the types of positions you are seeking. Request recommendations from your professors, advisors, and internship supervisors to complement your resume.

Once you’ve completed your profile, consider adding it to your email signature line to build awareness. We recommend posting an update to your LinkedIn status weekly to keep you top-of-mind among your network. Posts could include professional events you are attending, major projects you’ve completed, or even providing reviews of books that are relevant in your industry.

Other helpful tips:

  • Join groups in your professional areas of interest.
  • Join our UNCG Spartan Network so you can keep in touch with your fellow alumni after you graduate.
  • Consider writing a recommendation before requesting one. For example provide a positive review for a classmate on a shared project, then ask for one in return.
  • Visit LinkedIn’s student portal at
  • Watch helpful tutorials at