Career Roadmap - Prepare for Grad School


Milestone 6 Arrival:Your Goals and Beyond

You’re almost there! Create and implement the final strategies to secure your first job, gain admission to graduate school, make a career change…and start your future.

Continuing Your Education through Graduate School

If graduate school is in your future, our career & professional development team can help you prepare now, including developing your curriculum vitae, reviewing your graduate school application essay, and providing a mock school interview. Generally it is a good idea to begin planning for graduate school at least a year in advance.

Here are some steps to help get you started:

  • Choose your programs, request applications, and make sure you check your deadlines.
  • Take the appropriate standardized tests required by your selected graduate programs. Standardized exams that are most common for graduate school include:
  • Prepare a resume or curriculum vitae and provide to anyone writing a letter of recommendation on your behalf.
  • Write a personal statement or essay. Be sure to follow guidelines and write specifically for each application. Your essay should reflect your focus, depth of thinking, and your writing ability.
  • Order your transcripts. Click here to go to the registrar's page on information on how to order your transcripts.
  • Mail your applications and essays electronically or by certified mail (whatever is preferred by the school or program) no later than a month before the deadline.
  • Practice your graduate school interview with our career & professional development team. Prepare as you would for an actual interview by researching the organization/school with which you will be "interviewing." Anticipate questions you may be asked by the interviewer such as “Tell me about yourself”, “Why are you interested in this field?” or “What do you know about our program?”