Career Roadmap - Start Your Job Search


Milestone 6 Arrival:Your Goals and Beyond

You’re almost there! Create and implement the final strategies to secure your first job, gain admission to graduate school, make a career change…and start your future.

If you’ve met each milestone on the Career Roadmap, you are well prepared to begin your job search.

We recommend creating a list of the top 25 companies and organizations that best meet your job target. Now review the network you’ve begun to build and identify who you may know at these companies. Be sure to measure your interest level – just because you know someone at a company doesn’t mean it should become your top choice. Visit each company’s website to learn more about their business and their culture and values. Make a list and prioritize your next steps based on your ranking.

Be sure to continue to check Handshake and other job sites for upcoming opportunities. Career fairs are also a great way to practice the delivery of your brand. Finally, set practical goals for yourself. Identify how many job applications you want to complete a week and how many informational interviews you’d liked to conduct within a month. Determine what steps are needed to follow-up with each job opportunity and keep a calendar to show your progress.More importantly, celebrate your success and hard work!

Job Search Strategies for Specific Populations

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