Career Roadmap


Milestone 1 Assess:You Are Here

A roadmap offers many routes, but it’s up to you to decide where you want to go. Whether it’s securing your first internship, first job, or a new promotion, the first step in your career journey is evaluating and assessing your current interests, values, and skills so you know where you are now and what you need to arrive at your ultimate destination.

arrowYour interests:

  • Interest Profiler (15 minutes) – figure out what interests you have and match them to a career (compliments of
  • The Strong Interest Inventory® (40 minutes) – Discover your interests, preferences, and personal styles—useful information as you make decisions about a major or career (contact the CPD to take this online assessment)

arrowYour abilities and skills:

  • Basic Skills Survey (15 minutes) – find out what careers require the skills you have to offer (compliments of
  • Transferrable Skills Checklist (30 minutes) – see how the skills you have learned can lead to new opportunities (compliments of

arrowYour values:

  • Work Values Sorter (10 minutes) – discover your work values and match them to career options (compliments of

arrowYour personality and preferences:

  • Work Preferences Inventory (5 minutes) – learn your preferred work style (compliments of CareerPerfect)
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (30 minutes) – can assist you with career decisions by identifying occupations and working environments that may fit your personality (contact the CPD to take this online assessment)

Milestone 2 Explore:Choose Your Destination

Once you’ve completed your assessment, you’re ready to choose the career path that is just right for you. Discover how you can match your current interests and knowledge with a variety of different career opportunities, ultimately targeting the one that fits your needs best.

My Next Move - Search careers with keywords, browse careers by industry, explore careers based on your interests; Also features special search functions for Veterans

The Occupational Outlook Handbook - Helps you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations

O*Net Online - Database containing information on hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific descriptors featuring an interactive tool for exploring and searching occupations

Career One Stop - Use these tools and links to learn which occupations are in high demand in your desired area, pay good wages, and relate to your skills or training

Bureau of Labor Statistics Economic and Employment Projections – Explore employment by industry, research salaries, and learn about the fastest growing occupations